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About the Caucus

The Dads Caucus is dedicated to championing the needs of working families. Our mission is grounded in a fundamental belief: Dads need to do more of our part both at home and in Congress advocating for policies that uplift parents and children across the country.

Our focus is clear—advocating for a national paid leave program, ensuring affordable and accessible child care, and supporting the expansion of the Child Tax Credit. These initiatives have already proven effective in ending child poverty and promoting families’ financial success and well-being. 

We firmly believe that by rallying behind these policies, we pave the way for an equitable future for all of our families. We are committed to shaping a brighter tomorrow for our children.

Rep. Gomez speaking with women in front of the U.S. Capitol

Expanded Child Tax Credit

We’re working to strengthen financial security for families through the enhanced Child Tax Credit.

Accessible Child Care

Our families need access to quality and affordable child care to thrive.

Paid Family Leave

 By advocating for national paid family leave, we can ensure families can care for their loved ones in critical times.

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For Our Children's Future
The Dad Caucus was founded to ensure that dads step up at home and in the halls of Congress. We believe in a future where every family has the support and resources they need to thrive, and dads play a crucial role in realizing this vision.
Congressional Dads Caucus sign on podium in front of U.S. Capitol
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Rep. Gomez on the House floor holding his son in a carrier
How It Started
In January 2023, Rep. Jimmy Gomez took his son Hodge to the House floor during a record-breaking speaker vote to show him off to his colleagues, and the moment went viral. It highlighted the double standard that exists in our country: when men bring their kids to work, they're praised, but when women do, they're often criticized or seen as not committed enough to their jobs.

It made Rep. Gomez realize it's not just about dads stepping up at home. Dads also have a responsibility to advocate for their families in the halls of Congress. And he wanted to find a way to turn that viral moment into something bigger.

The Congressional Dads Caucus was founded on January 26, 2023, by Representatives Jimmy Gomez, Rashida Tlaib, Joaquin Castro, Andy Kim, Jamaal Bowman, Rob Menendez, Dan Goldman, and Joe Neguse on the simple premise: dads need to step up and do more of their part.
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