The House Committee on Appropriations will soon be soliciting feedback from Members of Congress on funding levels for Fiscal Year 2021. I welcome your input on what our nation’s priorities should be in the coming year.

Please complete our form below to share your or your organization’s programmatic and language requests for FY 2021 by the dates below. If you have multiple requests, please submit them separately.

If you have specific questions regarding the form or this process, please don’t hesitate to call our Washington, DC office at 202-225-6235.

 Subcommittee  Deadline
 State Foreign Operations  March 6, 2020
 Agriculture-FDA  March 6, 2020
 Commerce Justice Science  March 6, 2020
 Labor HHS  March 6, 2020
 Transportation HUD  March 10, 2020
 Defense  March 10, 2020
 Military Construction/VA  March 10, 2020
 Energy and Water  March 10, 2020
 Legislative Branch  March 13, 2020
 Interior  March 13, 2020
 Financial Services/General Government  March 13, 2020
 Homeland Security  March 13, 2020


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