All around our community, there are plenty of opportunities to rebuild our infrastructure, including the Los Angeles River. The river is as symbol for the future of our city and revitalizing it's ecosystem has long been a top priority of mine.

Los Angeles River Ecosystem Restoration Project

In April 2019, I led my Los Angeles Congressional Delegation colleagues in urging the House Appropriations Committee to allocate $2.73 billion for the Los Angeles River Ecosystem Restoration Project. In February 2020, my colleagues and I announced a $1.857 million investment by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers into this project, the first federal funding for the L.A. River since fiscal year 2017. In June 2020, I led my Los Angeles colleagues in Congress in requesting $53 million for the public-private partnership-designated restoration project.

San Gabriel Mountains Foothills and Rivers Protection Act

This bill, which I've cosponsored in the last two sessions of Congress, would establish the San Gabriel National Recreation Area as part of the National Park System, including important tributaries of the L.A. River like Arroyo Seco. In February 2021, I voted to pass this legislation in the House as part of the Protecting America's Wilderness and Public Lands Act.

Local Events

In May 2018, I joined Mayor Eric Garcetti and other city leaders for the groundbreaking of the North Atwater Multimodal Bridge. I'm grateful to see this pedestrian bridge open up access to our beautiful waterway to more Angelenos and CA-34 residents. In August 2018, I hosted a roundtable on the Los Angeles River with local, state, and federal stakeholders to discuss creating new recreational and green spaces along the river and how federal and local funding can be targeted to restoration efforts. When I have a moment in our district, I'll never pass on a great bike ride. The bike spaces alongside the river allow for great exercise and fantastic views of our local ecosystem. It's opportunities like these that a revitalized L.A. River can provide to all Angelenos.

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