Rep. Jimmy Gomez Introduces the Bribe Act to Unveil Foreign Influence on Trump Administration

Today, Congressman Jimmy Gomez (D – Los Angeles) introduced the Battling Russian Intelligence Baiting Efforts (BRIBE) Act of 2017. The legislation would require the Director of the National Intelligence (DNI) to provide Congress with a report on any efforts made by foreign governments or other foreign entities to bribe or influence the President, Vice President, their family members, or any members of the Trump Administration.

“Congressional Republicans continue to abdicate their duty to defend the Constitution when they refuse to investigate the President’s financial dealings,” said Rep. Jimmy Gomez. “That is why I’ve introduced the Battling Russian Intelligence Baiting Efforts (BRIBE) Act to expose any foreign attempts to gain influence with the President, his family, or his administration.”  
“Our democratic institutions are under attack by foreign adversaries who seek to weaken our democracy and influence the outcome of our elections. We must follow the money to ensure that President Trump’s foreign entanglements do not constitute a national security challenge to the United States."


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