Statement by Congressman Jimmy Gomez on Special Counsel Mueller Impaneling Grand Jury

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Washington, DC, August 3, 2017 | comments

"Reports of Special Counsel Robert Mueller impaneling a grand jury demonstrates that there are serious questions about foreign adversaries trying to gain influence through the financial interests of the President, his close family members, and other associates. Congress must uphold its duty to defend the Constitution and investigate President Trump’s financial dealings. We must move forward with legislation like my bill, the BRIBE Act, to expose any foreign attempts to gain influence with the President, his family, or his administration. President Trump’s refusal to divest from his business holdings and release his tax returns create the possibility of foreign corruption and we must follow the money to ensure that President Trump’s foreign entanglements do not constitute a national security challenge to the United States.”

-Congressman Jimmy Gomez, CA-34 (Los Angeles)

H.R. 3587, the Battling Russian Intelligence Baiting Efforts (BRIBE) Act would require the Director of the National Intelligence (DNI) to provide Congress with a report on any efforts made by foreign governments or other foreign entities to bribe or influence the President, Vice President, their family members, or any members of the Trump Administration.

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