VentureBeat: Congress moves toward facial recognition regulation

Washington, January 15, 2020

The first item chairwoman Maloney placed on the record in the meeting today was an ACLU study about misidentification of members of Congress by Amazon’s Rekognition as criminals. One of those misidentified in the ACLU exercise was Rep. Gomez (D — CA). Amazon came up more than any other tech giant during the hearing, and Gomez said Amazon’s aggressive promotion of the tech and the vote by Amazon shareholders last year emboldened his belief in a need for regulation.

“To focus only on the false positives, I think, is a major problem for us though,” he said, recognizing the speed of technological progress. “So I’m here to say that if we’re only focusing on the fact that they’re not getting it right with facial recognition, we’ve missed the whole argument. … My concern is not that they improperly identify Mr. Gomez, my concern is that they will properly identify Mr. Gomez and use it in the wrong manner.”

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