Center Square: Ohio's Jim Jordan calls for restrains on federal government's use of facial recognition technology

Washington, January 15, 2020

U.S. Rep. Jimmy Gomez, D-California, who in 2018 was one of 28 members of Congress misidentified by Amazon’s facial recognition program, noted the technology is being used in a multitude of applications and not limited to law enforcement.

“At the same time, this technology is fundamentally flawed,” Gomez said. “…This issue probably doesn’t rank in the top three issues of any American … but as it continues to be used and it continues to have issues, there’ll be more and more people who are misidentified and more and more people who are questioning if their liberties and their freedoms are starting to be impacted for no fault of their own, just some algorithm misidentified them as somebody who committed a crime in the past.”

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