ABC 7: Ghost guns' investigation: Law enforcement officials call on Congress to act

Washington, February 1, 2020

Law enforcement officials tell Eyewitness News they have been asking lawmakers to pass regulations for unserialized firearms, also known as "ghost guns," for years. A ghost gun pistol was used by the Saugus High School shooter last November, and a ghost gun assault rifle was used by the suspect to kill California Highway Patrol Officer Andrew Moye Jr. last summer. "Federal law says you can manufacture your own firearm as long as you don't intend to sell it or transfer it to someone else," said Carlos A. Canino, Special Agent in Charge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives' Los Angeles Field Division. "You can make one. You can make a million and one!"… Chu and several others are now co-sponsoring the "Ghost Guns Are Guns Act," introduced last year in the House. It would change the definition of a firearm to include any combination of parts designed to readily assemble a firearm. California Rep. Jimmy Gomez from the 34th district and Norma Torres from the 35th District also support the legislation. "It is not a second amendment issue. It is already the law that if you own a weapon, a gun, you have to register it," said Torres. "So, if you're buying pieces of it, it's common sense that once you put it together, you register it, or that those pieces come with some type of registry." "Anything that can be assembled into a gun should be treated as a gun, especially the components or something that can turn into a lethal weapon," added Gomez. "Ghost gun legislation is critical."

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