Congressman Gomez Calls for Trump's Removal for Subverting Democracy and Inciting Violence at the U.S. Capitol

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Jimmy Gomez (CA-34) called on President Donald Trump to be removed from office after inciting violence at the United States Capitol and for endangering our democratic institutions. Congressman Gomez also called on Congress to finish certifying the 2020 presidential election results immediately.

Congressman Gomez released the following statement:

“I don’t use the term ‘treasonous’ lightly, but today, as my House colleagues and I sheltered in place from domestic terrorists who laid siege to the United States Capitol, I knew there was no other way to characterize Donald Trump and his role in this shocking act of insurrection. It is with this in mind – combined with four years of lies, corruption, racism, and efforts to subvert our democracy – that I am once again calling for the president to be removed from office immediately.

“Every passing minute that Donald Trump remains in power represents a clear and present danger to our country and our institutions. Despite efforts by his violent supporters to intimidate Members of Congress and block us from certifying this election, I remain undeterred in living up to my responsibilities to defend the Constitution, amplify the voices of my constituents, and finish the people’s business to ensure a smooth transition for the Biden/Harris Administration. And if Vice President Mike Pence and the Trump cabinet lack the sound judgement and moral fortitude to exercise the 25th Amendment, I respectfully call on my House Judiciary Committee colleagues to quickly introduce articles of impeachment against the president.

“I have voted to impeach Donald Trump numerous times throughout his presidency, but the events that transpired on Capitol Hill today signify a new and dire need to continue these efforts once and for all. It is my sincere hope that my Republican colleagues in Congress will finally recognize the urgency in defending our constituents from the threat posed by this man and join me in voting for his removal.”

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