Reps. Gomez Statement After LGBTQ+ Group Uninvited from Dodgers Pride Night

"...this bigotry won’t fly in our backyards or our outfields."

Washington, D.C. – Today Congressman Jimmy Gomez (CA-34), who represents Dodgers Stadium, released the following statement on the Dodgers uninviting an LGBTQ+ group to their Pride Night:

“By caving to political pressure, the Dodgers opened their front gates to the hate and transphobia Marco Rubio and far-right extremists have been trying to spread to California for years. All this bigotry towards drag queens and trans Americans has been one big dog whistle for the extremist base ahead of the next election. As the representative of Dodgers Stadium and a lifelong Dodgers fan, I’m beyond disappointed that they allowed themselves to get pulled into this political farce," said Rep. Gomez. "One thing that’s been made clear by Angeleno’s reactions: this bigotry won’t fly in our backyards or our outfields. Don’t peddle that shit here or anywhere. I hope the Dodgers leadership corrects this wrong and stops giving into political agendas that further marginalize LGBTQ+ Americans.”


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