Rep. Gomez Statement on Military Operations in Gaza

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Jimmy Gomez (CA-34) released the following statement on Israeli military operations in Gaza: 

“As more information comes out about the terrorist attacks by Hamas that claimed over 1,300 lives in Israel, I continue to be horrified, saddened, and outraged by the brutality of those attacks.

“I support Israel’s right to defend its people and respond to these despicable attacks by Hamas terrorists that deliberately targeted civilians, including seniors, women, children, and babies. The victims of these attacks were raped, shot, burned, and even beheaded.

“Hamas is a terrorist organization that has little regard for the Palestinian people—and it places its military operations in civilian areas, exploiting innocent Palestinians as human shields. But let me be clear, Hamas is not representative of the Palestinian people in Gaza as a whole and I denounce anyone that attempts to dehumanize Palestinians and advocates for harming an entire people as retribution.

“As Israel begins its campaign to defeat and dismantle Hamas, it is important that it’s done with all due regard for innocent civilians and according to the international rules of war. I urge Israel to allow for more time to evacuate civilians to the south. Additionally, I urge Egypt and other neighboring countries to support relief efforts that assist in the temporary relocation of Gazans seeking peace and safety.

“As I’ve said before, as a new dad, I tear up thinking about the babies and kids. I can't help but think about my son when I see the reports of dead children, whether they are Israeli or Palestinian. It hurts to see, but we can't look away. We must feel to understand what's at stake—our kids and our families.

“Lastly, as long as extremists are willing to use terrorism for political ends, we will never achieve a lasting stable peace in the region. Our opposition against terrorism must be unequivocal and uncompromising.”


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