Renters Caucus Announces Comprehensive Policy Agenda Focused on Renters

As the population of renters and percentage of “rent-burdened” increases, Gomez says Renters Agenda is crucial for addressing America’s housing crisis.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today Rep. Jimmy Gomez (CA-34), Chair and Founder of the Congressional Renters Caucus, along with housing advocates and members of the Renters Caucus, unveiled the first-ever Renters Agenda. The Renters Agenda is a sweeping set of policy pillars with corresponding bills to protect and uplift America's 44 million renters.

Read the Renters Agenda HERE.

Watch the press conference launching the Renters Agenda HERE

Download pictures HERE.

“With the launch of the first-ever Renters Agenda, we’re putting the growing population of renters at the heart of federal housing strategy. The three pillars of this agenda—lower costs, increase supply and remove barriers—form the foundation of a more fair and equitable housing system, where America's 44 million renters can afford a safe place to live regardless of income or zip code,” said Gomez. “This agenda is not a wish list—it’s a blueprint for addressing the rent burden that is exacerbating the country's housing crisis. The 37 members of the Renters Caucus are ready to put up a fight for this agenda that stands up for renters.”

The Renters Agenda comes as analysis shows that half of all U.S. renters spend more than 30% of their income on rent, qualifying as “rent-burdened.”

The Renters Caucus was founded by Rep. Gomez in June 2023 to serve as a platform for legislators to collaborate, propose legislation and engage in constructive dialogue on critical issues impacting renters. 


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