Congressman Gomez Participates in Historic Ways and Means Committee Hearing on Paid Family and Medical Leave

Washington, May 8, 2019

Washington, D.C. – Today, in response to the Committee on Ways and Means holding a historic full committee hearing on paid family and medical leave, Congressman Jimmy Gomez (CA-34) released the following statement:

“America’s brightest economic achievements are a direct result of the talent and dedication of our country’s workforce. Yet, we are the only industrialized nation in the world that continues to deny their workers access to paid family and medical leave. This injustice against those who represent America’s backbone isn’t only contrary to our principles, but gravely compromises our economic stability as well. I'd like to thank Chairman Neal for calling today’s historic hearing, extend my appreciation to the witnesses who testified before our committee, and ask my colleagues to take a page from California’s playbook in passing a paid leave policy that supports working families and lives up to the values that define our country.”

During the hearing, Congressman Gomez – with help from PL+US, a national campaign to win paid family leave by 2022 – went on Facebook Live to provide advocates from across the country a platform to convey what an accessible national paid leave policy means to them.

Participants included:

-- Ryan Cervantes, a former barista from California, who won expanded access to paid family leave for low-wage workers at his company

-- Stephanie Ramos, a special events manager who won paid family leave at a small business she works for in New Jersey

-- Councilwoman Candice Quarles, a locally elected official, who spearheaded paid family leave policy in DeSoto, Texas
-- Jenna Gerry, a senior staff attorney for the Work & Family program at Legal Aid at Work in California

Click here to watch Congressman Gomez’s Facebook Live video.

Click here to watch Congressman Gomez’s statement and questioning at today’s hearing.


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