Below is a list of all the bills I've introduced and led in the 115th Congress. Click on each tab to see legislation separated by the session of Congress.

H.R. 4887: Grant Reporting Efficiency and Agreements Transparency Act

This bipartisan legislation, led by Reps. Gomez (CA-34) and Foxx (NC-05), streamlines federal grant reporting by replacing outdated documents with open data, increases transparency from grantmaking agencies, and reduces compliance costs. The House passed this bill in January 2019, and it was signed into law in December 2019.

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H.R. 6707: Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative Improvement Act

This legislation, which Rep. Gomez co-led with Reps. Gonzalez (TX-15) and Espaillat (NY-13), would prevent the State Department from judging an individual on the basis of race, ethnicity, or ancestry during the passport application process.

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H.R. 6315: Jeanette Acosta Invest in Women's Health Act

This legislation, named after a CA-34 constituent who lost her battle with cervical cancer at age 32, would increase the availability of preventative, life-saving cancer screenings at safety net and reproductive healthcare providers like Planned Parenthood.

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H.R. 6055: Keep Our Cities Safe Act

This legislation would shield local and state government officials from federal prosecution for complying with their own public health and safety protections, particularly when it comes to enforcing anti-immigrant policies from the Trump administration.

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H.R. 4360: Wage Adjustment for Veterans Enrolled in School Act

This legislation, which Rep. Gomez co-led with Rep. Ben Ray Luján (NM-03), would raise the minimum wage standard for full-time or 3/4-time students within the Federal Work Study program under the GI Bill.

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H.R. 3587: BRIBE Act

This legislation would require the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) to provide Congress with a report on any efforts made by foreign governments or other foreign entities to bribe or influence the President, Vice President, their family members, or any members of the Trump administration.

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H.Res.1150: A Resolution commending Korean and Korean-American veterans

This resolution commends Korean and Korean American veterans for their service to the United States during the Vietnam War.

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H.Res.877: A Resolution relating to the Trump administration's handling of the 2020 Census

This Resolution of Inquiry would force the Trump administration to release documents related to their decision to include a citizenship question on the 2020 Census. Republicans on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voted down this resolution in May 2018.

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H.Res.686: A Resolution supporting the goals and ideals of Korean American Day

This resolution recognizes the 115th anniversary of the arrival of the first Korean immigrants to the United States.

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